What is the Northcoast Fatherhood Collaborative?
Founded in 2007, the Northcoast Fatherhood Collaborative is the coordinated effort of people and
organizations that care about and are willing to take action to strengthen fatherhood in Northwest
Ohio. Collaborative membership consists of leaders from all sects, including fathers, fatherhood
programs, educational institutions, non-profit and faith-based organizations, businesses, health-care
providers and government agencies.
Our Mission:
  • Empowering fathers to make a difference in the lives of their children;

Our Beliefs:
  • Children have the right to be raised by a responsible father and mother
  • Fathers have the right and responsibility to parent their children
  • Fathers and mothers deserve equal respect and consideration
  • Responsible fatherhood requires the help of the whole community
"Improving the Lives of Children, One Father at a Time"
Member of the Ohio Practitioner's Network for Fathers and Families
State of Fatherhood in Northwest Ohio
Did you know that one out of every two children in our
community lives absent their mother, father or both?

FACT: Lucas County has 52,535 families with children
under 18.  Statistics show, however, that of these
children, one out of every two has an absent father or
mother. Single mothers represent 31 percent, and two
growing populations are custodial fathers, which repres-
ent 10 percent and grandparents responsible for one or
more grandchildren, which represent 7 percent. Our county’s need for father-based programs is
significant as we suffer from glaring father absence and mother absence rates of 38 percent and
17 percent, respectively [http://factfinder.census.gov -Lucas County, Ohio].

Northcoast Fatherhood Collaborative is asking, “What would happen if our community
worked together to combat father absence and increase responsible fatherhood?”

Imagine fathers that are positively engaged with their children. Research shows that these
children avoid risky behaviors, are more committed to their own personal health and success,
achieve higher levels of learning in school, and are better prepared to contribute to the good
health of their families. Poverty will be reduced when child support payments arrive on a
consistent basis, mothers are able to work, and resources for families are coordinated.
Help Support Responsible Fatherhood
Northwest Ohio