The Power of Routines

The Power of Routines

According to a study co-authored by researchers from the University of Chicago, having a set schedule can improve your productivity. The study suggests waking up at the same time every day; then, having a routine for exercise, reading, and meditation. And although you may not be able to control your whole schedule, having a stable routine in both consistency and predictability increases productivity and sales.

One reason your productivity and sales go up with a schedule is that knowing when you are going to do an activity allows you to focus on that activity. My book and time-management course, “The 45-Minute Work Hour,” shares a P.L.A.N. for increased productivity. The core element is using 45-minute blocks of time to exclusively focus on your most important activities. The science behind 45-minute blocks is that the average person loses the ability to focus after 50 minutes; therefore, the other 15 minutes in the hour can be used for checking email Facebook, sports, or taking a walk, getting a cup of coffee, etc.

The study also found that small improvements in your routine results in better health and well-being. This included improved sleep and stress levels—both of which are key factors in living a healthy life. One other health benefit is eating properly. Having a schedule, including when you will eat, avoids extended periods of work where meals are skipped, thus reducing mood swings and problems focusing because your blood sugar drops, or you are just plain hungry.

Establish a routine for 30 days and see how it affects your productivity, and don’t forget to include your weekends by adding a little fun!


David Justus is an author, speaker, and Guinness World Record Holder. As the founder of Northcoast University, LLC and The Self-Coaching Vault, he shares his insights as a life and business coach to help people achieve greater success and more happiness.

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