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The Secret to Wealth

ANTHONY ROBBINS: Entrepreneur, best-selling author and legendary results coach, Anthony Robbins, in his program, Financial Freedom: 3 Steps to Creating & Enjoying the Wealth you Deserve, shared The Secret to Wealth:

“One of the great lessons I have learned came from Sir John Templeton, (one of the first billionaires ever), when I asked, “What’s the secret to wealth Sir John?”

Tony continued, “I’ll never forget. He looked at me and smiled and said,

‘You know Tony, you teach it – Gratitude. he said, because if you’re grateful you’re rich. You see if you have everything, and you’re not grateful for it, whatever it is: family, health, money – it doesn’t matter … If you’re grateful for it, you’re filled with joy and you feel wealthy. When you’re grateful, you feel like there’s more than enough. You feel appreciative – that’s abundance.’

One marketing strategy is showing genuine appreciation for your best clients. There are many ways to use appreciation to get the outcomes you desire; however, Appreciation By Design focuses on your “individual relationship” with your best clients. Therefore, it is not intended for every client, however, this strategy will show you how to leverage all your relationships to strengthen customer loyalty and increase business growth.

The best way I can describe this strategy is this:


Your competition cannot duplicate your appreciation efforts because they do not have an established relationship with your clients, thus your showing appreciation is intangible. And it’s magic because your clients will not feel like they are a part of a program.

Here are a few reasons why I say this:

First, the strategy focuses on the relationships you’ve already established with your clients. You’ve worked hard to obtain your clients; why not make an effort to keep them? Plus, they already use your products and services.

Putting relationships first has been proven to strengthen client loyalty and advocacy, which leads to client-generated referrals and thus, turns into an opportunity for sales growth.

Regardless of who your clients are—actual customers, colleagues, vendors or referral sources—each has a natural desire to feel important and valued. Showing regular appreciation meets these needs and much more.

Second, unlike the price of your products or services or the level of customer service, your competition cannot match the feeling of genuine appreciation. You probably hear every year that your competition, with their legions of salespeople, is projecting a certain percentage of growth rate.

Unless your industry is growing by that same margin, then the reality is that this growth is coming from other businesses, just like yours. So, there is an obvious need to protect your client base.

Lastly, advertisers spend billions of dollars trying to create cracks in your clients’ loyalty. They plant seeds of doubt in the minds of your clients, which slowly grow until they become the reason your clients consider leaving in the first place. An Appreciation Strategy counteracts these attacks.

Here is why that’s important: most business owners believe that providing a good product at a fair price, especially if you also offer excellent customer service, is enough for their clients. It’s NOT — unless your current rate of attrition is zero!

Put this marketing strategy to the test and see what happens when you express just one act of sincere appreciation. Using one of three forms of appreciation, a verbal message, a written card, or a meaningful gift, follow these steps:

  1. Think of one of your best clients.
  2. Using one of the methods discussed, let him/her know you were thinking about him/her and that you appreciate them. Do NOT ask for anything or say anything extra!
    1. Keep in mind, if you’re calling and they do not answer, leave a voicemail. Your client will save that message for years.
  3. Then watch the law of reciprocity kick in because they will reach out to you to say thank you for thinking of them.

Then, here is what you say to get more referrals… (Learn more about Appreciation By Design in The Self-Coaching Vault)


David Justus is an author, speaker, and Guinness World Record Holder. As the founder of Northcoast University, LLC and The Self-Coaching Vault, he shares his insights as a life and business coach to help people achieve greater success and more happiness.

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